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One Girl Two Cities

By Laura VanZandt | June 6, 2016 |


Part musical, part art installation, Lemonade for the Lawnboy brings you into the world of David and Janet who are housemates, each battling their own demons. Edward Williams plays David, AKA Lawnboy, an artist recovering from addiction and a suicide attempt. Janet Paone plays Janet (and it’s the story of real life Janet Letnes Martin and David W. Cook II so that gets pretty meta) who keeps herself distracted from the reality that her husband passed away.

David creates intricate, unique mannequins who come alive and portray the different personalities and voices in his head. At the start of the show, he’s more of a guest in their world than the one in charge. The ladies are all loveable in their own ways, and thanks to the writing and musical talents of Greta Grosch, Dennis Curley, Jimmy Kennedy and Joe Weismann, they get to shine in numerous songs throughout the show. Roxanne Britz, Shana Eisenberg, Wendy Short Hays, Robbie Manicina, Tina North and Gail Ottmar comprise this gaggle and for as serious a topic as addiction is, they’ll help lighten things up with some necessary humor.

Edward Williams and Janet Paone make a great team and play off of each other incredibly well. I have to say, Paone has one of those special acting gifts where she’s so natural, you’d never know she was acting. She’s so charming and engaging and funny and it doesn’t get much better than seeing her in her element like this. As they both work through their personal issues, it’s easy to sympathize with both characters and root them on in their healing.

I truly love the concept behind this show, and it’s such a creative and honest way for David and Janet to share their story. I’ve seen and reviewed Lemonade for the Lawnboy before, but I couldn’t wait to see it again. I recommend arriving early or taking time afterwards to peruse David’s incredible artwork as well. You only have until June 5 to catch it! Click here to purchase tickets. Goldstar also may have tickets available.

Lemonade for the Lawnboy

June 1-5

Hastings Art Center

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