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Rohan Preston

June 11, 2015


LEMONADE FOR THE Lawnboy: The Musical

Opening: Twin Cities playwright and performer Greta Grosch helped develop the last four shows in the long-running “Church Basement Ladies” series, inspired by author Janet Letness Martin. Grosch has gone back to the same well for her latest show, about the life of gardener, artist and troubled muse David W. Cook II, who came out of recovery to live with Martin, the real-life “Church Basement Lady.” Cook, who is gay, and Martin, a widow, wrote a book about their friendship and about his life growing up in the western suburbs and making artwork while tending yards. Co-directed by Grosch and Dennis Curley, “Lawnboy” features music by Joe Weismann and Jimmy Kennedy of local jazz-pop band the Smarts. The cast includes Sally Ann Wright, Joy Dolo and Wendy Short Hayes. R.P.

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